On arrival at our workshop the Atlas Copco MD Drum can be completely failed as opposite other times they have lost their effectiveness to supply clean dry compressed air.

At this point in the process all rivets and screws are removed and the defective desiccant media is simply removed, all the remaining parts are cleaned and reused if possible should any part be damaged beyond repair these will be noted prior to replacement and charged for separately.

Once cleaned and all parts ready the rebuild can commence.

MD400 Failed
A failed MD400 returned for refurbishment

There are some wearing parts which should be changed as a matter of good engineering practice at this time in the process of replacing the desiccant drum, the Demister captures airborne water molecules which have migrated from the drum during the drying stage and are allowed to condense into droplets and subsequently discharged to drain.

The main Blue Seal provides an effective seal between the wet & dry side of the drum thus preventing contamination.

Some older horizontal drums use sealed roller bearings and should be replaced.

On all MD Dryers there is either an O-ring or Gaskets which seal the main access door to the drum and again these should be changed

Demister, Drum Seal, Bearings, O-rings
A selection of MD Drum spare parts
MD3 MD4 MD5 MD6 rotation bearings

The first row of desiccant media is positioned, shaped and ready for row two

Row two follows row one

MD5 Rebuild
MD5 first row fitted
MD5 rebuild
MD5 Second row hald done

Row three is positioned and shaped to fit the profile, this is now ready for the stainless steel outer cover to be positioned and installed, once everything fits all media is removed and bonded to the inner frame and the stainless steel outer cover. 

When set the two main surface areas are honed to provide a flat surface between the media, seals and centre boss. A coat of paint is applied to provide a hard surface and to complete the process.

MD5 Media
MD5 All media in place awaiting outer drum

The Final Product.

This process has been tested in the field since 1998 and is very successful with zero returns to date due to failure or workmanship or product.

Stock holding is key to providing customers with a viable solution, we are adding to our stock constantly and have the following media in stock to build:

MD3 – MD4 – MD5 – MD100 to MD400 – MD600 to MD1800

This is constantly changing so if you are interested please either call or email Chris Davenport

Call: +44 00 (0) 7712 405 674

Email: chris@qasltd.com

MD4 Refurbished Drum
MD5 Refurbished drum
MD600 Refurbished Drum