Latest innovation MD300 & MD400 new PTFE seals, runners and stainless steel drum

Instead of using existing seals we have produced new seals in PTFE to provide a heat and wear resistant surface this provides a much better medium for the quadrant drying sectors to run and seal against

The stainless steel drum is rolled to provide a perfect container for the desiccant media and replacement of 1614 7618 02

Refurbished MD300-MD400 Atlas Copco Desiccant Drum 1614 7618 73
MD300-400 New PTFE Top Bottom Seals
Refurbished MD300-MD400 Atlas Copco Desiccant Drum 1614 7618 73-1


Replacement Homogeneous Graphite gaskets  for MD4 & MD5 are now available

These replacement gaskets come in kit form with dove tale ends which allows for better transport and reduced cost it also enables easier replacement for engineers

MD4-5 30 hole Gasket 1614 7428 00
MD4-MD5 30 hole gasket 1614 7428 00


Our latest project received from Norway an MD5 1617 5021 79 desiccant drum refurbishment

We received an MD5 1617 5021 79 on 10.01.2020 and refurbished it over a 4 day period removing the failed desiccant and replacing with new

AxCx MD5 Failed Desiccant Drum 1614761802


After removing the external stainless steel drum and rub seals the new desiccant media can be installed bonded and levelled. The drum is housed in a substantial crate to protect while in transport

Atlas Copco MD5 Desiccant Drum Remanufactured 1614 7618 02